Hi!. I’m Jim Pashos, The Concepts Guy, a freelance Graphic Designer based in Sydney Australia.

I’m a freelance Graphic Designer with more than 2 decades of experience working with some of the world’s best known brands.

I’m a passionate thinker and highly strategic creative problem solver.

I enjoy crafting new brands, revitalising old ones and designing online experiences and brand identities. I view myself as a holistic designer, focused on how to link the story with the craft, and how that impacts the end user and customer. I care deeply about the creative process, but more so, how design and ideas can create a positive relationship between my clients and their customers.

My work lives on supermarket and retail shelves in over 80 countries. I offer a high-level of creative intelligence to every project, combining many disciplines with specialist expertise in branding, retail and consumer packaged goods. I have a strong portfolio of work that has helped many brands and products to not only grow but to stay alive and compete on the retail world stage.

With virtually no industry or category left untouched, I work hard to deliver intelligent, creative outcomes from original brand concepts through to entire communications campaigns – immersing myself in the strategic needs of the brand, and ultimately guiding and refining them towards their stated creative and commercial objectives.

Whether leading teams, working remotely, or being self managed, I use agile methodologies and processes to manage projects and clients. Working closely with business owners, product owners through to developers to oversee projects, start to finish.

Feel free to reach out and drop me a line.

I’d love to hear more about your project and how I can help build your business and brand/s.

Jim 🙂

Hi, I'm The Concepts Guy…


What I do ?


Please see below an outline of the commercial creative and design services that I offer.


I develop brands from inception including naming and visual identity and revitalise brands that need a refresh. I enjoy bringing brands to life expressing their truth and essence across all required mediums in both physical and digital worlds.


Design is the purest expression of a brands essence. I apply design thinking across all mediums I work with. I design, develop and art direct everything from invitations to brochures, to retail catalogues, to advertising campaigns.


I developed campaigns for all mediums. Whether traditional or digital or an integrated through the line national or international campaign. I’m experienced in developing the big idea that will translate effortlessly across all required mediums. I write and develop television and radio campaigns to developing creative campaigns for outdoor, print, online and experiential. Whether you are a startup, small family business or a tier 1 superbrand I work hard to crack ideas that will translate to your bottom line.

Packaging Design

For many brands packaging is their most powerful real estate to create a reason to buy at the point of purchase. I have won awards for packaging design that has changed the trajectory of a brands success on the shelf and its sales. I am an FMCG packaging design specialist with more than 15 years of experience working with consumer packaged goods brands.

Digital Design

I am experienced in rolling out campaign concepts to all forms of digital media. From social media to banner advertising and in-store displays. I lead with the big idea and apply and roll out to the required mediums.


I have more than 15 years experience working on national in-store promotions through to on and off-premise activation campaigns for alcohol brands. I understand the specialist nature of achieving impact and correct hierarchy of communication at the point of purchase.


POS and visual merchandising whether static or digital is a specialised design medium. I have worked extensively developing POS and visual merchandising for FMCG, alcohol and luxury goods brands.


I enjoy designing experiential campaigns and co-creating and conceptualising GWP’s and merchandising solutions. Having worked extensively with tier 1 FMCG and alcohol brands, I understand the design approach and solutions that need to be achieved.


I enjoy bringing brands to life in new and existing spaces. Design can change the way a university, shop or classroom feels when delivering back to the brand’s essence, attributes and values.

Trade Marketing

I have extensive experience developing trade focussed communications for FMCG companies. I understand the design language that resonates with the trade and the appropriate hierarchy of communication.

Shopper Marketing

I have worked on many retail cross-category shopper marketing campaigns for tier 1 FMCG companies. I understand the limitations in retail and the opportunities.

High-End Retouching

I have worked extensively in photoshop and to develop and enhance photography that I have art directed. Over the years I have also represented large international luxury good brands here in Australia to Art Direct campaigns for a brand such as Omega Watches for The Swatch Group Australia to roll out and extend global campaigns with brand ambassadors.

Companies and brands who have trusted me with their briefs


Companies and brands I have worked with and for